The Walk Away Package

This package is perfect if you like to do things on your own. We record the tracks and you do the rest!! If you own or have access to Pro Tools or similar recording software and you would prefer to do your vocals and your mix on your own, this is the way to go. Everything on our end stays the same. Great musicians, studios, producers and engineers. You get the same pre-production time with Chip and Rod and the same amount of tracking time as the other packages. You can choose our 5 or 4 piece band. You can view and listen to us record your tracks in the studio via skype. Our engineer will then clean up the tracks and send them to you through Drop Box. You will then download your tracks from our Drop Box link and they are all yours. Do with them what you want. They will come to you in .wav format and they will be recorded at 24 bit 48k sample rate. (48k is the Film and Television standard) 

It is really just that easy.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us