All premier packages include pre production with Chip and Rod, arranging, charting, vocalist of your choice, tracking and mixing. They also include a work for hire agreement if you need one, three mixes which consist of a Full mix, a Track mix and a TV mix and all the wav files from the session to do with what you want.

Our 5 piece band includes one drummer who will also include a loop and percussion or both if necessary. One bassist. One acoustic guitar player who will usually do two tracks. These tracks could include steel string acoustic, gut string acoustic, 12-string acoustic, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, dobro and whatever else you can think of. One electric guitarist who will usually do at least two tracks, one rhythm and one lead. One keyboardist who will play piano, organ, synth, strings you name it. And finally one vocalist. The vocalist will sing a lead vocal and two harmony vocals. The vocalist will not be present when your tracks are being recorded. The vocalist will be scheduled for a different time depending on their schedule. We always do our best to accommodate you. For example, if you are in town for the session we will do our best to schedule the vocalist for the time that you are here.

Our 4 piece band consists of everything above except the keyboardist and the utility player. If you want something overdubbed that can be arranged.

Pedal Steel and Fiddle Cost Extra.

We use only the best musicians and vocalists in Nashville. All of them are seasoned veterans of the music scene and all of them have the ability to play and sing most all styles of music. They are extremely knowledgeable of current music and classic music of all genres. Simply said, we think they are the best. Let us know what you think.

You will be able to participate in all facets of the recording of your song either here at the studio in person or via 'Skype'. Your song will be assigned a session date when you book your recording. You will be given an approximate time that your song will be tracked with the musicians at the conclusion of your pre-production meeting.
You will also be able to participate when the vocals to your song are being recorded either in person or via "Skype".

You will NOT be able to be present for the mixing of your song. Most all of the mixing engineers we're aware of prefer to tackle this endeavor by themselves without the distraction of others breathing down their necks. Plus, all of them tend to have their own little secrets, that they have spent years perfecting and are not willing to share. Dang It!! However, you will have the opportunity to have one round of mix "tweaks" when the engineer is finished. Mix tweaks involve things like more or less vocal, more or less guitar, etc. Mix tweaks do NOT include editing the track to shorten the Intro, Turn Around or adding additional instrumentation to your song.

Yes!! You sure can sing your own song. If you are in town we will make arrangements for you to come to The 522 and record your vocal here in Nashville. If you are not in Nashville, we can send you a rough mix of your song and you can record it at your place or your local studio. Then send the file back to us. We will hire a vocalist to do harmonies if necessary and then clean it up and send it off to the Mix man. Please be sure to record your vocal track at the proper bit rate and depth. (24/48)

Just need studio time? We can do that too. With our engineers or yours, The 522 is a great, affordable place to record anything. Whether your a band or a solo artist we have hourly, block and day rates available.  

Consultation. Want some help with your song or songs. Not sure if they're ready? Not sure what to do next? We've all been there. Maybe we can help. We've been doing this for a very long time and have and are currently working with some of the best Nashville has to offer. Tell us what your trying to accomplish and we might be able to steer you in the right direction. No strings attached. Please check out Friends Of Ours in the Extras section of this website.

The 522 Studio

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Nashville, TN 37204

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