"Chip's Tips" is a book comprised of a series of individual articles written to aid aspiring songwriters in learning the craft of songwriting. Chip Hardy, the book's author, lives in Nashville, TN and has experienced the joys and successes, as well as the bitter disappointments, of a professional songwriting career. This book is an attempt to focus non-professional songwriters on the positive side of the creative process and to look on their talents as what they are--gifts!  
Whether anyone who reads this book is ever successful as a songwriter, or in any other capacity in the music industry, is not the goal of the author. "Chip's Tips" is, hopefully, a reminder that we all have unique talents and that we are all here to make a difference in this world. Chip's positive and uplifting attitude and writing style become much more than "tips for songwriters"--they are "tips for life"!
"Chip's Tips" is a must read for songwriters at any level but the philosophy and advice in this book make it enjoyable and helpful for almost anyone in any profession. It's an "easy read" so take a little time to relax and be prepared to "smile"!

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Chip's Tips